Hypable: NATWP Episode #83

Natalie and Karen are here to discuss the aftermath of the Teen Wolf convention Howler Con.

Featured Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

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-What has Natalie been up to during the hiatus?
-What did Karen get up to in NYC?
-Who was at Howler Con?
-Donya knows everyone.
-So many new friends!
-How was volunteering for the con?
-Which cast members had the most fun in the photo ops room?
-We love Linden so much.
-Nat asks about our live podcast.
-Natalie has strong feelings about Harry Styles.
-As well as Captain America.
-Marvel, Marvel, Marvel, Marvel.
-The first panel we discuss had all the ladies involved.
-Make sure you check out The Librarians!
-The boys panel was probably the highlight of the con.
-Oh, btw, Courtney has started a revolution.
Make sure you watch the “Don’t Stop Believing” video.
-Eaddy’s fan fiction panel was so inspiring.
-Orny is the most ridiculous person and we love him.
-Would we recommend Howler Con? (Spoiler: Yes.)
-What are we planning for this hiatus?
-Remember our last Christmas episode? Good times.
-Keep an eye on our Tumblr for contest details!
-Unbeknownst to Karen, Nat offers an iTunes perk a la ReWatchable.

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Posted on 2:34 pm,
November 26, 2014