> What will your Covid policies be?

Please check our Covid-19 Policies page under ‘About Us’ for requirements and expectations.

> When can I buy tickets for Howler Reunion 2022?

Admission tickets will NOT be sold at onsite sales. All extras that aren’t sold out online will be available onsite. 

> Is Howler Reunion 2022 really going to be the last one?

Yes! Amy and Betsy have busy lives and these conventions take many hours of hard work. We intended to do one event, and this will be our fifth and final convention. It’s been a few years and we want to end on a high note. What better way than a reunion?

> Can’t you just pass it on to a Staff member or someone else who wants to take over?

Howler Con is a labor of love, and we’ve worked hard to make it a success. We wouldn’t want to walk away and leave it to anyone else, and we don’t think it would be the same without us.

> Will you sell Single-Day tickets?

Yes, due to demand, we have decided to sell Single Day tickets. Information will be released soon!

> I’ve purchased my tickets. What do I do now?

You will receive an email immediately following purchase with bar codes for your tickets. You will bring that barcode to registration at the event. You don’t have to give us the names on the tickets this year, and you can sell/give them to others. The barcode ticket MUST be presented at Registration, and it can only be used once.

> What is the difference between a Bonus Guest and a Regular Guest?

Bonus Guests’ autographs are not included with the Full Moon ticket package. They are only included with the Wolf Moon tickets. Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen and Colton Haynes are Bonus Guests for this event.

Will there be photo ops at this convention?

Yes, there will be photo ops at the convention! You will be able to purchase photo ops during our general ticket sale. You must have an admission ticket to the event to get in the door. Photo Ops only will not get you in the doors.

> Can I have a friend in my photo op with me?

Two people can be in each photo op. You don’t both need a photo op ticket. If you want more than two people in the photo op, you can pay for extra people ($10 each) at the on site sales booth at the event.Y

> Can I order extra copies of my photo op?

You can order reprints of your photo op at the on site sales booth at the event for $10 each print. You can also order digital copies of your photos for $10 each onsite.

> Can I have special poses during my photo ops?

Due to time constraints, if you want a hug, it must be part of your pose. No one can be lifted off the ground, neither Guest nor fan. Please don’t ask our Guests to pick you up or get on the ground. If you have a pose in mind, make sure it can be accomplished/explained quickly. Photo ops sessions are not the time to ask questions or get into a conversation with the Guests. We have a larger number of people to get through photo op lines this year, and we want to make sure everyone gets their photo. If we start running behind schedule, we may restrict special poses.

> Will I be able to purchase autographs?

Yes, you will be able to purchase autographs! Some of our ticket packages include autographs, but if you want more than what is offered, or you choose a ticket package that doesn’t include autographs, you will be able to purchase those during our general ticket sale. You must have an admission ticket to the event to get in the door. Autographs only will not get you in the doors. Each ticket allows you one autograph. If you would like multiple items signed, you would need multiple autograph tickets. We will provide Convention Books that include full-page photos of each Guest, or you can bring your own item to be signed.

> Will I be able to hug the guests?

Our usual response is that this decision is to be made by the guest and you may ask during photo ops and Meet & Greets, but out of respect to other fans and time constraints, it’s not allowed during panels or autograph sessions. We will announce this in the Announcements before the first panel Saturday.

> Can I have my autograph personalized?

We will allow name personalization unless we feel we are running out of time to get everyone through the lines.

> Can I give gifts to the guests?

Gifts are fine to give at the autograph tables and during Meet & Greets if it’s done quickly. It is not allowed during photo ops or panels. Please be respectful of other fans and don’t monopolize all of the Guest’s time. Keep in mind that the Guests have limited space for Gifts. Please consider donating to the Guest’s favorite charity instead of a gift.

> Can I purchase autographs, photo ops, meet & greets or party tickets without a ticket to the convention?

No. You must have a ticket package (‘badge’) in order to have admission into the convention, do convention activities and attend any panels.

> Are my tickets refundable?

No. Tickets are non-refundable

> Can tickets be transferred or badges be shared with someone else?

Giveaway, free, and volunteer tickets can’t be transferred. You can sell your purchased ticket before the event by giving the barcode to another person, but Badges can’t be shared with anyone else. The person assigned the badge at registration is the sole user. Barcode tickets can only be used once. Sharing of your badge after registration is against Howler Con policy and will result in the forfeiture of the badge and removal from the convention.

> Can I purchase passes/photo ops/autographs/Meet & Greet’s on site when I get there?

Ticket packages will not be sold on site. We have a limited number of photos ops, autographs and meet and greets. If they sell out before the event, we will not be able to offer them at the convention. However, we will post on the website if an item is Sold Out. Please keep in mind that some of our packages already come with autographs.

> Is there an age requirement?

No, there is no age restriction. However, anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent to attend and we don’t take responsibility for any content that may be inappropriate. If you are under 18 and a parent or guardian isn’t attending the event, you must have a letter of permission to attend releasing Howler Con, Alpha Gamma Wolf, LLC, its staff and its Guests from responsibility. There will be cash bars at the parties that will require ID’s. We can’t control what is asked or answered by Guests during the panels.

> Do I have to pay extra to see the panels? 

Panels and the Friday night Welcome Party are included in the ticket price of all tickets.

> Can I be a vendor at this event?

Vendor tables are Sold Out.

> What is the DVD?

The DVD is a recording of all the Q&A panels during the convention. It is limited to 25 copies. It can’t be shared or posted online. You do not have to attend the convention to order the DVD. it will be shipped within 3 months of the end of the event.

> Will you have an Artist’s Alley?

We would love to have an Artist’s Alley, but unfortunately, we don’t have the space in our venue for it. We will instead be showcasing many of our fandom’s talented artists with an art auction for Charity.

> What comes with the all-inclusive photo op package?

The all-inclusive photo ops package includes all photo ops that we will have for sale (all solo photo ops, all duo photo ops, all trios, all guests, including Bonus guests). You will get one of each different photo op. It does NOT include the group photo that is included with Wolf Moon passes. Only one(1) solo op with each Guest is included in this package, even if they have sessions on both days.

> Can I split the photo ops package with my friend?

You can have a friend in photos with you, but the package can’t be split. The package holder must be in every photo.

> If I see a Guest walking around during the convention, can I stop them for a selfie or autograph?

No. Our policies state that you are not to stop our Guests as they are walking from one event to another. We are on a very strict time schedule and stopping for even one fan will put us behind. You will be prevented from stopping the Guests by their handlers and security team members.

> Can I take pictures with my own camera/phone during photo ops or autographs, or have my friends do it for me?

No photos will be allowed during the photo ops or the autograph sessions, other than those taken by our professional photographer and our Staff. You will be asked to put your phones away during photo and autograph sessions. If you phone is in your hand, we will assume you are attempting to take photos and/or videos and you will be asked to leave the room.

Can I take videos during the panels?

No. Our policies state that there is to be no video recording, and anyone caught will be asked to leave the panel. Many of our Guest contracts require this of us. No videos are allowed during photo ops, autographs, Meet & Greets, or the party when Guests are in attendance.

> What is a Meet and Greet?

Meet and Greets are up to 25 fans with a Guest(s) for a private 30-minutes hang out. You can ask questions and chat. No photos or videos are allowed. We will take a group photo at the end as time permits. Group photos will be posted on our website after the event.

> Can I wear cosplay/costumes? Is there a dress code?

Costumes are allowed as long as they are appropriate and follow all of the Howler Con policies. No nudity, vulgarity, or harassment. Weapons must clearly be fake.

In order to be fair to ALL attendees, shirts must be worn at all times. No bare midriffs or torsos. No crop tops or sportsbras. Bodysuits under crop tops/sports bras are acceptable. No swimsuits. Shorts, tank tops, sleeveless tops, etc are all acceptable. You should be covered from your chest to your thighs.

> Can I ask the Guests questions during the panels?

Fans will be allowed to ask questions during our panels. For the safety and comfort of our Guests, staff, and other fans, we will have Question Screeners for every panel. If you try to circumvent our screeners by giving them one question and asking another once you reach the microphone, you will be asked to leave the panel immediately. Repeated attempts will result in expulsion from the event and loss of your badge.

> Will you be allowing Press at the event?

We will not be offering Press Passes at the event due to limited space and clauses in some Guest contracts. If your media outlet would like to attend to report on the event or speak with attendees, you would need to purchase an admission ticket. No interviews will be allowed with our Guests during the event.