Ryan Kelley


In 2002, Ryan Kelley had a supporting role in Stolen Summer,

which was a film made during Project Greenlight. He also

played the role of Ryan James in two episodes of Smallville.

Ryan won an Independent Spirit Award for his performance

in Mean Creek in 2004. Also in 2004 he played a lead role in

the movie The Dust Factory. In 2006, Kelley appeared in the

film Letters from Iwo Jima as a marine. He also played Roy, a

great-nephew of Butch Cassidy, in Outlaw Trail: The Treasure

of Butch Cassidy.  He played a leading role in the moviePrayers

for Bobby alongside Sigourney Weaver, which premiered in

January 2009 on Lifetime. In November, he played the role of

Ben Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Swarm. In January 2012, Kelley

was in the TV movie Sexting in Suburbia, with Liz Vassey and

Jenn Proske. Recently, you can see Ryan recurring in Teen Wolf which he joined in 2014. His character is Jordan

Parrish, a young deputy whose supernatural nature sparked an ongoing media buzz as neither audience nor Kelley

himself knew what sort of creature Parrish was but later found out that he is a Hellhound in the summer finale

of season five.