About Us

Howler Con is a joint collaboration between Fandom, Give Back! and Tyler Hoechlin Online. Amy is co-founder of FGB and Betsy is co-owner of THO.

In November 2014, we held our first Howler Con event with over 300 attendees! We had nine cast members, and the event was a huge success. Our second Howler Con event in November 2015 was an even bigger success. Tickets sold out in early September, and seven cast members joined us for a fun-filled weekend. For 2016, we moved our dates to a summer weekend in late June, and we are looking forward to bringing you another exciting event!

Fandom, Give Back is aimed at bringing fans together in the name of a good cause. It is designed to lessen fandom tensions and defend every fan’s basic rights while raising money to fund charities of choice. It was founded on the belief that giving back is essential.

Tyler Hoechlin Online is a fansite dedicated to actor, Tyler Hoechlin where you can find the latest news, articles, photos and videos. It is respectful and supportive of Tyler and his family, while continuously keeping his fans updated.

Howler Con is a created and planned event by Federal and State registered business, Alpha Gamma Wolf, LLC.

“But Amy!” I hear you say. “How can I find these people on twitter?” Well never fear! You can find these lovely people on social media here:
Email us any time at howlercon@gmail.com